Down and hurt

There's time when we feel down and hurt. My sister said that it's just the hormonal things that currently happening to me, but I don't think that it's the only reason why. It's actually came from the people surrounding us sometimes that might keep pushing us towards something that we don't really want. 

People say that I could just pout or talk about my problems to someone that we can trust. But what if there's nobody that I can trust ? What if I have no one to talk with ? What if nobody understands my feelings ? This question will immediately pop in my mind whenever I try or want to talk to someone about my problems. 

"My emotions sometimes feel like the tidal waves of the sea. Perhaps an occasional tsunamis or two."

Yes, it is true how my emotions sometimes gets really worse, I feel like I want to kill myself and then live up again. That random feelings I get when I just wake up from my sleep, then I suddenly feel like I want to kill everybody in my house. Not only in my house, but outside my house too... it's probably the hormone that gets into my body as my age is getting older and older. I'm 13 and I'm in an early age teenager, that thing is pretty normal that happens to me, almost like everybody that's currently my age especially girls. I’m just a human who’s caught in the complicated teenagehood, it's like I have another new life, new title, new chapter, new pages and as usual... new sh*ts.

Ironically, there's still some people out there who's still trying to keep my life ruin and miserable. I know that I'm not loved by everyone, I'm a girl who try her best to get out from those jail of grief and try to feel the happiness around her. I am not that much "Emotional" girl but that's what people say "Feelings, easy to be hurt but hard to be heal"