A new weird but yet amazing date we have. From 01.01.01 until 12.12.12 and it was like once in a life time and definitely it is. There's gonna be a lots of wedding couples and new babies born in this unique and special day. Anyway, congratulations ! So, the 12.12.12 moment was pretty awesome for me because I went for a vacation with my family minus my parents minus my sisters, got it ? Well, it's a vacation that consisted of aunts, cousins, uncles and grandmother. My parents and my sisters can"t joined us due to their short period of time so my mum told me to go without them and that's a bit.. you know, lonely. My cousins are with their parents and me.. sitting there alone with my baby sister. I was like "I miss mom and dad."

It's a short vacation but it's fun. We went to Semporna and it's my second time having a family vacation there. The first time was a long time ago, I haven't go to school yet so it was a long time ago. We stayed at the "floating' hotel and it's a new experience for me because I have never lived or stayed at a floating house or hotel or whatsoever. So, the first thing you saw in the morning as soon as you open the door was the sea. Yes, the sea. It's beautiful plus with the sunrise. I never missed any sunrise because I usually wake up before the sunrise does, which means between 4:30 - 5:30 a.m. I am a morning person and a night owl, so I'm balanced lol. I'm not sleepy because I have my own strategy and steps, minus the caffeinne~ I didn't take caffeinne for "not-sleepy" sake unless it's my exams or tests or any important days.

There's a lots of people and new things that I found around the town. The situation, the people, the conversation and the bustle. Having a walk around the floating at night was the best. It's quite and peaceful, you can hear the roar of the waves from the sea that hits the poles although the smells are pretty "amazing" ;) At the day, the skies are blue and the white fluffy clouds are hanging around while the sun shine brightly on that day. It was wonderful and after a night at there, we're leaving. I felt so dizzy along the way back home, luckily the candies and sweets or what we say "Glucose" ;) made me forgot about the dizzy thing.

I'm crying inside that my parents and sisters aren't there because I felt like I'm forgetting them. I went to a vacation while they're busy around with their works although it's holiday. Next time, I won't go to a vacation without them because I felt empty, really empty. I usually confessed how happy I am when going to a vacation and at that time, I have no one to confess with about my happiness. No, it's different to confess to your cousin about how happy you are. It's just, it's different. The feelings are totally different.

So, yes. This post is long enough, so I will stop right here. Anyway, I love you mum and dad, and not forgetting : My lovely sisters ! Let's go to a vacation together next time. InshaaAllah~