Never good

Since I was a kid, I never felt like I was good enough. I would look at other kids that usually my age, wishing that my life would be as good as theirs. I still remembered on how I felt envy/jealous with my friends because they always got what they want. As examples, in my time and maybe 'til now, barbie dolls was famous especially among the girls. And as you might expected, they showed off their barbie dolls so, I felt jealous because they could get what they wanted. It feels like this entire world was theirs. I felt like I don't have my life, I don't have my right to owned what I wanted.

But then, as I grew older, I knew that we're just humans. We'll never feel good enough to everyone and even to the one we loved. When we want something, we must try to achive it. When we want people to respected us, we have to earn it. Everything happens for a reason. There's always one main reason for each things that happened to us, maybe we still don't discover the reason's behind it, but we must try to uncover it. Like, we need to think what have we done before the incident happen. Examples, I lied to a person and suddenly, someone lied to me. So that's mean, I shouldn't lie to a person because what will we feel if someone lie to us.

The second thing was LEARN. We have to learn from our mistakes. People might look at us in a different light after we had done a mistakes. Maybe a huge mistakes. But, take it as a test. For me, as a Muslim, Allah always tests his creatures. I have to pray and wish for the best. I try to follow the Prophet. Like how he talks, how he acts and how he thinks. We have to move forward, just stop thinking that we're not good enough. We have to try until there's the answer.

But that's humans, never feel good enough for everyone and never try until they have the answers.