Famous as : Rara, Syasya and Syahirah
 Birthday  : Turns 13 on April 16th
 Location : Tawau, Sabah
 Country : Malaysia

 Hi, I'm Syahirah and been alive for 13 years and 9 months. I finally have my own space to pile up all my stuffs and novels collection. I love things that falls into the cute, cozy and age appropriate categories. I love to read and reading is like one of my things in holiday or every weekends. I have this collection of books (mostly novels) that I own. I love art and crafts but never thought of being an art teacher one day. Oh ! and I love Mathematics too and being a Maths teacher is my ambition. I don't find it weird to love Maths, isn't it ? I learnt how to blogged from my sister, I post things that happens and what I truly believes in. But I won't post things that is pretty much complicated to be told in public, things like... "complicated" ? I don't know but it is private. Gosh ! I should have said private earlier than complicated. It's just burdens me to explain, ugh. I still love fairytales although maybe at some point, people might say that fairytales is just too young for me, but I don't think so.