بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ ا ارَّحِيم 
Assalamualaikum, how's everyone ? Hoping everyone is in a good spirits and a pink of health. So, as I'm in "A" hiatus mood a few days ago because of my monthly test and now I'm back ! There's nothing much happening to me  this week and the week before.. everything is just like.... hmmm, let's just say it's boring. It's, totally ordinary. It's just that there's nothing really caught my attention this week~ Everything seems to be blurry and foggy, everything is like in a black and white effect on the old days photos that has probably been crumpled but yet the memories is still fresh in mind and soul.

So today, I'm quite searching for some freshly new ideas and THINGS to do other than sittin' infront of the laptop and online for hours or watching tv or, or reading books while listening to music. I mean, come on ! it's the first week of July man. I've been abandoning my happy mood into the not-so-happy mood~ I don't even know why or the big WHY ? but yeah, must be the feeling of emptiness on my heart or somewhere where it should be. Well, whatever. Who cares ? When thinking of crush, I'm automatically saying hmmm... that's just so so so so lame. Should say that though it was like insulting my own self but, at least I'm not praising myself.

Having pressure about my school, my homeworks, and some annoying people at school or wherever they at. Oh yes, and PBS ! Oh em' gee ! It's kind a annoying since next year is the last year for having a PMR test and starting from 2013, there's no more PMR and will be replaced with PBS which stands for Penilaian/Pentaksiran Berasakan Sekolah. Which I think it's a lot harder I mean way harder than having a PMR test where you only look at the grades and you can change it on next exams. I'm frusteddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, urggghhhh